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Face Reality Skincare

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Acne is a skin disorder. It can be controlled with the right products, treatments and lifestyle changes. This is an acne clearing program using Face Reality products, that stems from a mind and body approach. This includes your first facial and a look at what my Face Reality Bootcamp entails. This is only for individuals who are serious about clearing their acne without prescription medications. Clients are typically acne free in 3-6 months.

This treatment is for anyone currently in acne bootcamp who has already completed their initial visit. This is a 20-45 minute facial that includes either a hydrating enzyme or a chemical peel, extractions and high frequency. High frequency creates an increase in blood circulation and cell renewal. It produces oxygen molecules that create and anti-bacterial action. Oxygen in the skin improves overall texture and tone. Time is based on extractions needed.


Face Reality is an acne focused skincare line developed by Laura Cooksey, a nationally-recognized Acne Expert. Laura experienced acne from the time she was a teenager until her mid-thirties when she finally found an esthetician who helped her attain clear skin. Face Reality is based on a lifestyle approach, not just skincare products. Healthy food alternatives and lifestyle changes are involved in the process of clearing acne and the Face Reality program can help.

Take a look at  my Face Reality facials below.

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